About Us

WalkOn is an initiative of the InnerLimits Foundation. Our mission is to celebrate the power of the human spirit and inspire everyone to BE|MORE.
Whether you do a mile or a 100,000 miles we wanted to provide everyone with a way to be supported and recognized for just getting up and being more active, whilst at the same timing making it really easy to raise money for their favourite causes.
We operate through registered charities in both the UK (xxxxx) and US (xxxxx) with the majority of funds raised going back to initiatives that directly provide the opportunity for anyone to BE|MORE. This includes projects with children, schools and the disabled being more sustainably active in the outdoors. Our objectives are:
  • 1M million miles in 2015
  • To raise over $100M per annum for good causes
  • To get more people enjoying the outdoors more often
  • To promote exercise and an active lifestyle to young people
  • To promote standards for sustainable environmental usage
In creating WalkOn we wanted to bring gamification to fundraising and exercise. By building a single brand and recognizing everyones’ efforts we hope to increasingly motivate everyone to do more and raise more.
We will be launching in 2014 with our 100 and 1000 challenges and a series of events in support of injured soldiers in partnership with leading military charities like wounded warrior and help for heroes. Once established you will be able to use the platform for other exercise like swimming and cycling and our apps will automatically capture your miles and log them for you.
However this is not just about the individual, the platform allows organizations to support individuals, their community, and those in need of assistance within a single cohesive CSR and HR leveragable structure. Help your staff lead an active life and link this to your social goals and partnerships.

Our Team

We have assembled a team of adventurers from all corners of the world. Feel free to contact us if you have a passion for active living, a drive to be more than you are, and think you have something to contribute to our team.



425 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063
P: 001 (213) 999 333

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