Monthly Leaders

# Hours User
1 541 cparks
2 527 mevans
3 522 mwagner
4 487 jpalmer
5 459 tscott
6 445 zjackson
7 410 abose
8 406 rolin
9 381 kmassa
10 356 kblanchard
# Funds($) User
1 13,456 rdabrowski
2 11,933 wbrown
3 10,354 smckinnon
4 10,210 twilliams
5 9,285 jmerrill
6 9,055 tlowe
7 8,808 dhill
8 8,452 mevans
9 8,176 smontes
10 7,902 jpalmer

Raise Money

  • Save the Children

    Founded in 1919, Save the Children Federation provides programs in health and nutrition, education and emergency response.

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  • Make-A-Wish

    Founded in 1983, the Make-A-Wish Foundation grants wishes to children with life-threatening medical conditions.

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  • Project HOPE

    Founded in 1958, Project HOPE is an international health care organization providing both aid and health education.

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  • World Help

    Founded in 1991, World Help is a humanitarian organization that routed donated gooods to the poor around the world.

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Support an Event

Help an Individual

  • Anne Bose

    Anne is raising funds for the Wildlife Conservation Society to assist in conserving wild animals and places.

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  • John Palmer

    John is raising funds for the Mayo Clinic Foundation to benefit their Cancer Research program.

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  • Rose Dabrowski

    Rose is raising funds for the Toys for Tots Programs to provide children wtih gifts during the holiday season.

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  • Michael Evans

    Michael is raising funds for the Given Limb Foundation to help provide artificial limbs for soldiers wounded in action.

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Donate to WalkOn

Support WalkOn with a one-time gift or make an ongoing contribution. Learn More