About WalkOn

How about taking on a 1000 mile sponsored walk? Sound crazy and impossible? It might be if you did it in one go, but is it so crazy if you did it over a year and could include all the miles you walked in everyday life?
WalkOn, an InnerLimits program, is a new way to experience walking and fundraising. By combining walking with fundraising and adding a touch of competitive spirit, we have created the ultimate reason for you to become more active, get in shape, and see the world around you. As part of the WalkOn community, you can support a charity team, raise money for your favorite causes, and give something back just by going outside and walking.
We recognize every mile you walk, whether as part of your daily exercise or during one of our endurance events, and reward you for your personal achievements. By keeping track of every mile walked and dollar raised, you can compete head-to-head with friends and colleagues, set achievable goals for yourself, and push your own boundaries.
Whether you choose to join yourself or as a group it is easy to get involved with WalkOn.

How It Works

Get started in 4 easy steps

Step One:

Register for WalkOn

Step Two:

Get Involved - Join charity teams and raise funds for your favorite causes, search for opportunties to volunteer, or find individuals you wish to support

Step Three:

Get Moving - Find events to participate in or just go walking. Log any mile you walk:
  • Day-to-day personal walks or gym exercise
  • Existing walking events such as 5K/10Ks
  • WalkOn organized events
All of your miles count towards our 100 and 1000 mile challenge

Step Four:

Get recognized based on how many miles you walk, the amount of funds you raise, and the hours your volunteer. Qualify for major WalkOn events like the Redemption Bay 1000


Package Details

We want everyone to get involved and be more active so registration for Walkon is free. However, we are making a major investment and doing our best to provide significant value, so we would be very grateful if you would consider making a donation. Everyone who donates will be recognized for their specific status on their profile: Silver for $10; Gold for $25; and Diamond for $50.

Included with every Registration

  • Walk Miles loyalty scheme membership and recognition
  • Free entry to WalkOn 100 & 1000 mile challenge
  • WalkOn App (includes pedometer and GPS mapping)
  • Equipment discounts at retailers and online
  • Awards and prizes for members and exceptional achievers
  • Fundraising and promotions pack